5 Ways a Facebook Page Can Help Your Small Business

Community building” and “community engagement” are some of today’s business and marketing buzzwords but what do they actually mean for the small business owner? Small businesses across all industries are already jumping on the social media bandwagon to build these niche communities in hopes of generating more business. The key benefit of having access to this community is that you can generate interest, build your brand and eventually create some positive relationships with customers and clients who want to do business with you time and time again.

For many small business owners, a Facebook page can help to “break the ice” between prospects and the company, and makes the business much more accessible. If you’ve still been on the fence about creating a Facebook page for your small business, consider the following five benefits of maintaining a Facebook page:

1. Free communications with your target market. Unlike traditional advertising methods and online advertising methods where you have to pay fees to market and engage with customers, your Facebook page is completely free. The important thing to remember when using your Facebook page for marketing is to avoid spamming. Make sure you are engaging with the community by providing insights, asking questions, linking to news about your industry, and by providing other information of relevance. This will help you build a thriving community of fans, and many will be  likely to become your customers in the near future.

2. Increases brand awareness. In many industries, the companies that have already created a Facebook presence have been able to build a stronger brand than competitors who haven’t joined Facebook. More people are becoming very active Facebook users and are “tuning in” to status updates of their favorite businesses, as well as people they know. Maintaining your Facebook fan page can help to build your brand and make you more visible to your target market.

3. Drives traffic to your website. You can include a link to your website in the “Info” tab on the Facebook page, and also direct visitors to your site through your Facebook status updates. This makes it easy for prospects to complete a sale or just learn more about your business within a few clicks.

4. Measure your market’s activity. Facebook’s Insights tool helps you measure traffic to your page, and also provides information on how many comments were made, how many people liked the page each week, and what the demographics of your fans are. This can help you learn more about your target market’s general behavior and core needs. You can modify your marketing messages accordingly so that your Facebook marketing efforts are that much more effective.

5. Improves your search engine rankings. Facebook fan pages do get indexed on the major search engines so your page – and all links, logos and pictures – will be found after a basic search. Capturing the top spots on the search engine results pages can be a valuable asset for your business, regardless of industry. In some cases, you can even oust the competition from the top spots for certain keywords.

Don’t Ignore These 5 Rules of Twitter Marketing!

Doing Business on Twitter…

A lot of entreprenuers and small business people usually stumble and fall when they first get on Twitter to market their services and products. Even when I first joined, it was more for SEO purposes than actual connection. Thankfully I wisened up and have made a sizable income from using Twitter as a marketing channel. Here are 5 rules that you should take note if you intend to succeed in using Twitter for business purposes.

Rule 1: Have a Photo

Even though it sounds redundant, not having a picture make you look like a spammer to the prospective followers. Yet so many serious business owners make this mistake. The second mistake to use photos that are low-res and does not contain your face. Twitter followers want to connect with human beings, not with your admittedly impressive muscular back! In fact, studies have shown having a photo boost following rate by a cool 80%.

Rule 2: Be Interesting

Again, I may sound like captain obvious, but in a sea of countless faces with everyone being a “marketer, entreprenuer and work-at-home mom”, there’s very little difference among the pack. Add a little bit of color–a bold photo, a compelling bio, Tweets brimming with personality and you’ll start getting an unprecedented amount of recommendations. You’ll be a word-of-mouth hero in no time.

Rule 3: Be Valuable

The more value you add to your followers, the more responsive they will be to your promotions. Value actually lies in relevance. The more links of relevant interest you tweet out, the more they can’t get enough of you. Just use a URL shortener like http://budurl.com, track out the topics that generate the most interest, and give it to your followers over and over again. You’ll be like a gem among all the chaff on the tweetstream.

Rule 4: Get Naked

No, this is not as salacious as it sounds. But people are attracted to vulnerability, and they need to buy from who you are before they buy what you sell. So be real, be authentic, tweet your innermost thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams, and they’ll be drawn to you. The bonding potential that Twitter brings is tremendous and you can put your relationship marketing on steroids just by being yourself.

Rule 5: Be Balanced

Unless the person is really difficult, most people are okay if you tweet out the odd promo once in a all. After all, you need to eat right. Unfortunately, mostly people take advantage of their followers’ goodwill and spam them constantly without adding any other form of value. The general ratio is Seven Tweets of Infinite Value to every one promo link. You’ll make more money without upsetting more people than you should.

In Other Words…

The 5 rules says one thing –It’s humanity, not technology that draws people in at the end of it all. You may have the most shiny app, but without the human connection behind, it will result in Twitter marketing failures.

So follow this 5 Rules of Twitter Marketing, and see yourself actually monetizing the marketing channel in a really quick time!

5 Tips For Studying in USA

Success Notes From Among The Leading U.S Education Consultants.
Do you have your eyes set on studying in the USA? Are you wondering about the ways and ways and means to make it to a prestigious US university and/or program? Concerned about the costs of you venture? Here’s with 6 useful tips to help you get started towards your plan to Study in the USA
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Tip # 1 For Studying in USA: An average educational record (so far) does not mean that your U.S Dreams are over. Unlike the Indian Education system which is very marks-driven, The U.S education system takes a broader view of the candidate. Thus you may have an average academic record; however your success in a national or state level sports championship will be viewed in very positive light. If it is atleast 1-2 years before your will begin your application, it is strongly suggested that you become a member of the nearby Rotaract or Toastmasters Club. Your participation with such globally renowned organizations also adds to your profile. Same goes for any training that you might have received from the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Among all the students studying in USA, the ones that are able to manage many responsibilities/tasks at a given time are the ones who succeed that most.

Tip # 2 For Studying in USA: Your GRE/GMAT/SAT Score is equally if not more important than your educational records. Yet another solution to academic records that are not too great – cover up for those in your GRE/GMAT/SAT exam! While it is impossible to change the past, our present can eliminate the challenge in a big way. And here’s why: U.S Universities often rely more on your GRE/GMAT/SAT scores since these exams are administered by American organizations. Since the American education system differs from the system in India, it is the natural tendency of American admissions officers to rely on test scores rather than previous academic records alone!  This brings a note of caution to those students who have done well during studies and with dreams of studying in USA– Please continue with the same track record in your GRE/GMAT/SAT exam

Tip # 3 For Studying in USA: Your Application Documents will be read! Yes! Do not downplay the importance of your Admission Essays, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and recommendation letters. Ensure that these are well-written and present a clear picture of your career plans. At Our Offices in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik, we ensure that application documents are well-written and present realistic career goals. We brainstorm extensively with applicants to arrive at unique ideas and present a strong case for admission and even scholarship.

Tip # 4 for Studying in USA: Be reasonable when you select universities and programs. The list is universities that your select is very important. It has to include some universities are good and you will safely get into. The next set includes universities that are better ranked and where there is an average likelihood of admission. Finally you may also apply “aggressively” to a few highly ranked programs. Finally, you may have to compromise on rankings if you are aiming for a scholarship as a part of your plan for studying in the US. Click here To know more about our expertise in university selection and being of assistance to students planning for studying in USA.

Tip # 5 for Studying in USA: Prepare well for Admissions Interviews. The admission interview is a very decisive factor towards admission. Admissions officers tend to judge a range of qualities of the candidate over the interview.  Before the interview (A) Be thoroughly prepared with all the details you have submitted in the application (B) undergo atleast 3-4 practice interviews to eliminate interview stress (C) make a note of all the standard questions that come in the interview and prepare your points for them (D) ensure that you have a noise-free area at the time of the interview.

Produce An Efficient Twitter Marketing Method Utilizing These Tips

The twitter  has transformed the way in which individuals conduct business currently having an online appearance is essential. twitter marketing can simply appear like a challenging task, and there are certainly many intricacies that are included with advertising your business on the web. This post will assist you through the techniques you should acquire to obtain the best from online marketing.

redditGo on a day off. twitter marketing can very easily eat your whole working day, because you’re sitting while watching personal computer. This will make you exhausted, stressed out and someone who is just not very good to be around. Take a moment off to physical exercise or crystal clear the mind and you’ll come back to job, well-rested and invigorated.

Be sure to just go locate individuals who are enthusiastic about the types of goods that are saved to your website. Obtain their e-mails and inform them relating to your twitter site. You may occasionally email them once you normally improve your web page. These people are perfect to hold into exposure to because they are potential prospects, and since they are enthusiastic about your products they will often have buddies that happen to be as well.

Pay attention to the various kinds of voices speaking about your brand name (for example buyers, possible consumers and business pundits) and, with discretion, react to any myths or problems they may have. This will help you look like you value the ideas of everyday men and women or normally an understanding of your own brand’s tactics in the marketplace, helping your company appear far more personable.

Observe the style of your twitter site. Use appealing colours as well as a food selection which is an easy task to understand. Guests will spend more time on a website with good shades and an initial design and style. Also, they are more prone to bear in mind your site and return to it in the future. Ensure your food list is clear in order that folks can discover what they desire without having receiving irritated.

Figure out around you may about your standard website visitors to your site. You can do this utilizing simple (normally cost-free) or enterprise levels (for big twitter sites) website analytic solutions. By knowing your market, it will be possible to add the content which they search for. This will certainly generate up the quantity of visitors to your blog.

Make certain you’re making use of social network sites to enhance your small business. Letting individuals to follow upgrades and look for additional information with regards to you by means of Facebook, Flickr, and also other twitter sites increases your chances of them turning into consumers. As well as, if one buyer “likes” your page on Facebook or myspace, their good friends could look at it and look for your organization at the same time.

Don’t clutter your content with commercials. A visitor visits your twitter site with set on gaining the information you might have posted, not swamped with numerous advertising. Ensure you have sufficient to obtain your level throughout. Possessing too many will in reality push readers away from your site, which happens to be counter-top-easy-to-use.

As you can tell from this post, online marketing can considerably aid your business’ bottom line so does when you buy twitter followers. By having an ever expanding human population of men and women using the web, twitter marketing gets more and more essential. When you can adhere to the proper processes layed out in this article you will be on the right track to promoting effectively on the twitter.